Monday, August 27, 2007

The Brett Myers Rant

AFTER GIVING UP a pair of home runs to San Diego in the 9th inning on Saturday evening, Brett Myers freaked out on a reporter in the Phillies clubhouse. Myers earned the loss for the game which set the Phils back 4 games from the Wild Card leading Padres.

What should the media do with this sound clip? Did the reporter handle the situation properly?

Does this qualify as a news story? What about when you take into consideration Myers' past outbursts?

Here is what the Philadelphia Inquirer did with the story.

UPDATE FROM 8/28: The Inquirer reporter tells NBC10 his side of the story.


K.Mattioli said...

I think in order to validate this story as news-worthy, we have to consider Myers's penchant for abuse. The first mark on his record was his assault of his wife, a crime which regardless of the parties involved and their status in society, often makes news headlines. Because this verbal abuse by Myers qualifies as his second noted "offense", it further reinforces a statement about his character (or lack thereof). Had this verbal tirade been an isolated event, it likely would have had less credibility as a news story.

Matt Breen said...

I think whenever an athlete freaks out on a reporter in this matter in becomes news worthy. Especially the fact that Myers stood up as if he was going to fight Sam Carchidi, until he was restrained by Pat Burrell. It was national news(ESPN) when Charlie Manuel called out Howard Eskin earlier this season and that was the managers first tirade that I can remember.