Friday, August 31, 2007

What Do You Want from Me?

THIS BLURB comes from the most recent issue of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism's Alumni Review:

"I've hired people for TV and now I'm hiring for our Web site," said Patti Domm, CNBC's executive editor for news, in a July interview. "For TV, I look for production skills and news sense. For the Web, I look for writing ability and news judgment."

People who can work in more than one medium have an edge getting hired.

"I'm interested in people who are comfortable with moving back and forth from TV to the Web or from print to the Web. They're more 'bilingual.'"

The story has more tips for job hunters and more desires of potential employers. Unfortunately, the story is hard to find: click here and then download the file labeled Alumni Journal, Summer 2007.

While you are on the Columbia j-school site, check out their giant list of national internships, complete with contact info and application deadlines. Deadlines for paying summer internships at many outlets are by the end of the fall semester. Get your act together and apply!

For more ambitious people, you can also browse through their list of available jobs.

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