Sunday, February 24, 2008

How Come We Don't Have Guests Every Day?

BY ALL MEANS, please continue commenting on the John Street post.

But here is a quick teaser for our next guest, Larry Mendte, who is scheduled to speak in class on March 4.

Mr. Mendte is an anchor and reporter for CBS3. His wife, Dawn Stensland, is an anchor on FOX29.


Anonymous said...

So, here is my beef with Mendte. He won some 20 awards for being the best news anchor on TV. How is that possible? He seems like a great guy, but my g0d is he terrible. Before going crazy, the only reason to watch CBS was for Lane. I dunno. I am a former student of J1111 and sadly I missed Street but I think I will have to catch this one, it should be good.

Todd Miller
Fall '07 student

ryan overhiser said...

How come that checkout lady has such a serious mullet?

Geo said...

How come Larry doesn't have a mullet?

This is from, like, 1993! Everyone who was anyone had a mullet.

- George (the teacher and hair consultant)

Shawn Needham said...

Wow that's an old video... Personally I am looking forward to Larry coming in on the 4th. I grew up watching him on TV when he was still with NBC10, and he'll probably have good advice and stories.

I'm also curious to know what his wife's experience at FOX29 has been like, especially after watching "Outfoxed".

George, what did you think of that film?

Geo said...

I reserve all opinions on all matters until the last day of the semester. I don't want to influence your thought process with my opinions. I'm all about the facts until then.

I will tell you that you make me feel very old when you say that's an old video. I graduated from college in 1993.

Thanks a lot, Shawn.

- George (the teacher who is twice your age)

Sam Seifman said...

Are there any videos of him doing real journalism? Cause my guess is... this isn't all he does.

Ariela Rose said...

How come I've never seen this video before? It's hilarious...I'm a former supermarket employee so all these things remind me of that nightmare of a job.