Friday, February 15, 2008

The Mayor and The Media.

DON'T FORGET THAT FORMER MAYOR John Street will be visiting our class next Thursday, February 21 (the same day that your next homework assignment is due!).

This is an amazing opportunity to learn about the impact of journalism from a genuine newsmaker. We will discuss the relationship between government and the press, journalism's impact on community building, and bias and the media, among other topics.

In the meantime, watch the video above where Mayor Street talks about media coverage of crime. Think about questions you might want to ask him next week. And read as much about him as you can.

Be informed. Get involved. Have a voice.

Feel free to invite anyone interested in journalism, politics or Philadelphia: Gladfelter Hall room 13 at 1:10.


Andy said...

He stomps on the media because he has done things during his mayorship that welcomed criticism.

To hear him try and alleviate the problem of "shootings" and violent crime by using deceptive numbers is unnerving. So what if we had 7% more shootings last year, we still have hundreds of people being shot a year! I can't wait to talk to this guy.

B. Hargette said...

Nothing to do with this blog post at all. Just making my presence known by stating the facts: Fall 07 has blogspot on lock. Hook, line, and sinker. See you Thursday.