Sunday, March 2, 2008

Note to Self: Get Involved.

A NEW ONLINE youth culture mag, Urbaniti, is now posted. It is operated by Temple students, and they are looking for people to get involved.

Get involved.

And post your comments about the site here.


Kevin Cook said...

I am involved.

I'm surprise it looks so "cool." It looks trendy, professional and very fun.

A lot of the pages still need to be updated/ content needs to be added, but overall it looks decent for just launching.

Rebecca Arden said...

Hey I added myself to the mailing list right away. I just wish the "contact us" and "job opportunity" buttons worked so I could become involved. =]

Prof, did you get my email? I still see nothing about it on this site. Its upsetting that it seems more important to post about magazines than stuff on campus...

Geo said...

What was your e-mail about?

This magazine is on campus. And this is a journalism class, so it directly relates to your existence here.

- George (the mystified teacher)

Anonymous said...

I joined their mailing list too! This magazine seems soo fun! I would love to learn more and possibly write for it! Any info. you can give me?!--Tiffany

B. Hargette said...

::Said in an immature, mocking tone::

I'm one of the writers! Ha, ha, ha!

-FG, again.
I'm leaving this place, I'm feeling like a groupie.

Iris Still said...

i enjoy writing for urbaniti... i'll be even more excited when the rest of the website is up & running in full force. it seems liek the kind of magazine i might want to write for one day & the section editors are awesome to work for. i hope they get the rest of the site working again soon (like it should).