Sunday, March 16, 2008

Who Controls the Internet?

AN ONLINE college gossip site is causing a stir at some universities. On Juicy Campus, you can post just about anything.

The New York Times wrote about the site today, citing a Juicy Campus post that outed a Yale University student as a porn star. And the post had a link to videos (not the NY Times' post, you perv).

Should this kind of information be regulated? Should anyone be able to post information online? How would you feel if your life was broadcast to the world?

Would you read a site like this? Isn't Facebook getting creepy enough?

(I already checked ... Temple is not a participating university)


Veronika said...

At this point, anything and everything is possible and should be expected, especially when it comes to the internet world. People are exposing themselves more and more. Therefore, regardless of whether or not something will come back to haunt someone, why don't people do themselves a favor by becoming more conscious of the power of the internet today, and the social network that is transforming us. I guess I feel like only in America does a site like "Juicy Campus" come up. I mean I understand the fun in it, I guess, for some people, but c'mon. I think we all know how we would feel if our lives were broadcast all over the world. Until then, I guess we'll have fun keeping ourselves occupied with broadcasting the lives of others, because this is so interesting. To sum up everything in two words, TRUST NO ONE.

Anonymous said...

Even with the internet there is still something called libel...or is it slander? I'm confused. It's late. St Pat's day is tomorrow and SCHOOLS OPEN!!!!
Paul Klein

Colleen Thérèse said...

The site itself sounds like it needs some regulating considering the creator has disclaimers stating users agree not to post anything “unlawful, threatening, abusive, tortious, defamatory, obscene, libelous, or invasive of another’s privacy.” Those users should get kicked off or something, that would help keep things more tame.

I think the site sounds dumb in general because gossip is pretty lame and according to the New York times the majority of messages skew toward discussions of Greek societies and students’ sex lives which is boring, but some people like it. I don't really care for that scene at all.

Anyone should be allowed to post, but depending on the content of posts if they don't follow the 'user agreement' then the site's regulators should delete them. No one needs to know about that nonsense anyway.

Joshua Middleton said...

I love the idea and think it could be highly entertaining - but I think it's crossing a line. It's kind of putting regular people at risk similar to the whole paparazzi mess that stars are in nowadays.

Even though I'd probably read it from time to time to see if I recognized anyone - I have to say it's a bad idea.

Shauna said...

if you're a regular person and nobody else really knows who you are, who cares? gossip is gossip and it goes on not only on the internet but everyday by word of mouth. sure the internet is worldwide, but the only people who's opinions on you matter are the ones you know. (they're also the ones who talk the smack) and if you're a porn star, thats kind of a liability to get recognized anyway. If you don't want people to know you do porn films, then umm...don't do them!

Kevin Cook said...

I didn't know about this site until the blog post...but wow...this is really creepy.

Do people really have nothing better to do but sign up for a website to divulge secrets and gossip?

Sure, even in college it can ocassionally be entertaining, but I don't see the reason for such a site.

People can make up blatant lies about people they don't like considering its anonymous (and not get hurt) or just exagerate things.

What a stupid website.

Ashlee Kane said...

Honestly, thats the allure of the internet. It's your window to the world and your oppurtunity to leave a mark. We have a freedom of speech and that includes what you are allowed to type on the internet. Although I do think that ousting the student is crue, her personal life is none of other people business and she doesn't need nor did she ask for anyone elses opinion all in all at the end of the day the internet makes everything fair game. All it took was a link to reveal her secret to everyone. But im sure she understands the beauty of the internet. After all she is a internet porn star...right? lol

Lucy said...

I wish I could say that I can't believe something like JuicyCampus exists, but unfortunately I can. What I want to know is, who has the kind of time and energy to waste gossiping like this, especially on the internet?

Personally I am relieved that Temple is not on this website, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. I have a very close friend that goes to Princeton and she has told me that a lot of reputations have been tarnished and that peoples' futures may lie in the hands of ridiculous websites like this. It's bad enough that Facebook can ruin a future, but at least that's our own faults. The idiot (or genious, depending on how you look at it) that started this website obviously spent most of his expensive education learning how to ruin lives.