Thursday, April 17, 2008

Did the Debate Enlighten You?

PLEASE PASS ALONG your thoughts on the Democratic debate, which took place here in Philadelphia 6-days before the Pennsylvania primary.

If you missed the debate, the transcript is here.

Or watch this response from Governor Ed Rendell (a Clinton supporter).


Cass said...

The interviewers and Hillary were just beating Obama up. He took it well but at times it was painful to watch.

Christina Bridgwater said...

I agree. They were ganging up on him. I felt like alot of the questions were pointless and repetitive.

Andy said...

This debate was, to put simply, stupid. You have so called "respectable" journalists Gibson and Stephanopoulos asking the candidates about gaffes they made months ago, and skipping out on issues. It turned into a slugfest between the two, and it did nothing but continue the cycle of the media focusing on a politician's spoken screw ups rather than their political history or goals.

Screw the media, screw the democrats. I'm voting for Nader.

Geo said...

Stephanopolous was a senior advisor to Bill Clinton during Clinton's first run for president and Clinton's first term as president.

Should Stephanopolous have abstained from participating in the debate? He has a long history with the Clinton's. Isn't it a conflict of interest for him to even ask questions?

Can he be objective? Was he?

- George (the teacher who believes Stephanopolous was WAY out of line)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved the debate. Everything said that night will be used in November.
Paul Klein (moderate democrat and go McCain)

Kevin Cook said...

Thank you for Ed for being honest and saying the first 45 minutes were out of line.