Friday, May 30, 2008

Doctored Photo or Creative Re-Creation?

THE PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS doctored a photo of Jocelyn Kirsch, an alleged scam artist who appeared in court this week. The newspaper ran a photo of Kirsch in a bikini and digitally added a court-monitored ankle bracelet to her leg.

Is that a big deal? Did the Daily News do anything wrong?


Anonymous said...

Sad. Very sad. When I saw that shot, I damn near cried. No credibility anymore. George, I'm still here
Paul Klein (freelancer NE Times and former j1111 student)

B. Hargette said...

and this is who you were trying to send us off with for two weeks in the summer?

tsk. tsk.

danielassaraf said...

Of course this is a big deal. If the Daily News added something in the text of an article that isn't true, that would be a big deal. This is the same exact thing, except it is done visually.

kirsten Stamn said...

This is the type of crap that makes people distrust journalism. even if it wasn't something hugely important, it's still lying. there is no excuse or claim to innocence.