Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Greatest Anti-Blog Rant Ever. Seriously.

THIS VIDEO has been floating around for the past two weeks and it just won't go away.

Buzz Bissinger
, author of Friday Night Lights and A Prayer for the City, appeared on Bob Costas' HBO special and cursed his ass off. Apparently, he despises bloggers, specifically Deadspin.com.

Watch it. Love it. And post your thoughts in the comments section below.


B. Hargette said...

I had to read one of his books for Poli Sci. I feel like I know him in someway, I don't know his whole anti-blog rant but Prayer for the City wasn't half bad.


Anonymous said...

That argument seemed like 3 on 1 to me. I wonder how it would have went had there been someone enlightening the audience on intellectual blogs.

Or blogs as teaching tools, even.

What is the point of having a blog-bashing session if you're going to put in a "not-all-blogs" disclaimer - without representing a more analytical internet?

- K8LiN