Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blatant Self-Promotion: Your Teacher is a Multimedia Journalist.

SO, I KEEP PREACHING TO YOU about the way journalism is evolving. The way things were done in the past may not be the way journalism is practiced in the future.

For instance, journalists today will be more readily employed if they have multiple skills - writing, shooting still images, packaging video, gathering sound, and creating full on web packages that include all of those elements (including graphics). That is the reason the MURL course exists.

I try to practice these things as well. I shot and edited the video above, and it complements the story here (for which I also shot the still images). It's not a great video by any means. But it's fun. And I got to drink beer as part of my job.


Patty Giron said...

Seriosuly? Where do I sign up?

Geo said...


- George (the teacher who enjoys half of the Fishtown Beer Runners mission)