Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Parent Company: Bye Bye Community News.

THERE IS NO LONGER A NEWSPAPER dedicated to documenting the Philadelphia neighborhoods of Germantown and Mount Airy.

This week, the Journal Register company closed the Germantown Courier and the Mount Airy Times Express. These closings come after the Journal Register closed two Northeast Philadelphia newspapers last year - the Northeast Breeze and the the News Gleaner.

Just yesterday in class, we were talking about media ownership and their impact on the audience.

"I've been living in Germantown all my life and we've always had the Courier," Brian Matthews told the Daily News. "This is terrible. It's a total loss."

"It's very sad," said Sally Maddox, who was mailing a letter at a box on Price Street. "We'll definitely miss it around here."


Sarah said...

I found this article through Philadelphia Will Do- I think its's pretty interesting and pertains to what we discussed yesterday in class.

Sarah Fergus

Amanda DiStefano said...

Even though I am still a huge fan of localization, this does not surprise me at all. Maybe more localized newspapers can branch off of the bigger owners once the economy picks up.

Amanda DiStefano
(current Journalism and Society student)

jessica lista said...

so, I took this class in the fall 08 and I actually started writing for the news gleaner.. by my 3rd story, the paper closed. I was heartbroken. I can not believe that all of the local papers are diminishing.

Brittney Corridean said...

This is a little weird since in class we were talking about how niche newspapers were going to be the future... I don't understand why they would block that out but with the funding loss and the economy it's not surprising.

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