Monday, March 30, 2009

Comparing Media And Procrastinating.

RIGHT ABOUT NOW, you are probably thinking, "Man, I have got to get started on that dang media comparison assignment."

And that means you don't have to time to find a Temple Times or Source magazine, and you have no idea when the BBC actually runs their news in America. So, you'll probably wind up writing about the Philly blog sites, Philebrity and Phawker.

Browse the sites. Then answer me this: does the ad above make perfectly good sense? Or do you think that it is just a blogger's attempt to seem more relevant than newspapers? Can newspapers and bloggers live harmoniously? Or are blogs the way of the future, and newspapers are going to fade away?

Will you continue reading Philebrity or Phawker? Why? Why not?

By the way, for your media comparison, you can also compare the Philadelphia City Paper and Philadelphia Weekly (print editions only). This week's PW features a story and video (below) from your prof:


Axel Howey said...

Frankly, I feel like people pay even LESS attention to ads on websites than they do in newspapers and magazines, possibly because we've accepted print ads as commonplace and still consider online banner ads an annoyance. The ad does convey Philebrity's snarky style (yes, I am doing my project last minute and using the blogs), but it's just that: empty humor. I usually look at ads in magazines like PW (Especially to see Happy Hour specials and upcoming shows at the Troc), and nearly always ignore web ads. And I don't think I'm the only one.

Amanda DiStefano said...

Just like overtime your habits are trained to ignore ads as you flip through a magazine to catch the story on page 25, our habits can be to ignore online ads if we see them enough. Different media will always compete.

Amanda DiStefano
(current JnS Student)

noelia ~ said...

I pay less attention to the ads online, most of them are scam anyways. But if it's on the newspaper then it has credibility, at least to me.

(I'm a journalism student from PR/CA. Got your link from one of your students.)

Brittney Corridean said...

I don't pay much attention to adds unless it strikes my direct interest. I did like these blogs however and will probably check up on them every once in awhile