Thursday, March 19, 2009

TU Students Are Doing It Right Now.

MATT GRAVES, A STUDENT in our class this semester, is in Texas right now covering the SXSW Music and Arts Festival for

He is just one of dozens of TU students gaining valuable experience (and having a hell of a good time) while getting an education.

For instance, Matt is in Texas with Tiffany Yoon, another TU student and former J1111'er. Phrequency was started by recent TU grad, Leah Kauffman, best now as the viral video maker, Obama Girl.

At just about every major media outlet in Philadelphia, you will find Temple students as interns. Many Temple students also commute to New York City two or three days per week to intern at the national magazines or network news.

The point is: don't wait until you graduate before you start gaining experience. Get the early rungs of your career out of the way now. Position yourself so that when you graduate, you'll have numerous media outlets on your resume and you can stand far above the competition for jobs.

How do you get started? Check out the internship database. Work for the Temple News (even if your interest is video or audio). Think about where you want to work in the future, and think about the steps it will take to get there. Start small and build up to your dreams.

Get involved.


Matthew MixVeigh said...

For reference Purposes that's a picture of Frankie Chan, an LA based DJ who works for IHEARTCOMIX. We are also staying with him here in Texas. Do what George said and GET INVOLVED.

Oh, and E-mail me any bands you want coverage of, just check the schedule at

Naila Butt said...

i am defiantly encourage all the students to do what George is saying because i am just a freshmen and i am applying for the internships and i already getting some positive response so don't wait before it get too late so as George said GET UPPPPPPPPPP

Megan Minner said...

I really appreciate how much you reinforce the statements of getting an internship, and getting involved. Although freshman have a little more restrictions as do other years, however, it is great to gain experience in an interview setting. I was given an internship, but turned down by the school to be allowed to do it. However, I am personally trying to find one that will pay, or allow me to do it for free. I feel as these will give me even more knowledge about the field!! Thanks George for keeping us on top of things :)

Geo said...

Just because the school won't accept your internship doesn't mean you shouldn't do it!

A Temple approved internship is done for credit, which means you pay for the experience.

A non-credit internship can be done solely for the experience.

Some outlets require school credit for the interns. Most don't.

Do an internship! Check out the media outlets on the right side column of the blog. See which ones appeal to you. Reach out to them.



- George
(the teacher who suggests internships for whatever career you are thinking about ... who knows? After the internship, you may think, "Whoa! I'm not doing that job again.")

Brittney Corridean said...

This just makes me want to do more with myself...

Amanda DiStefano said...

Interning is great for networking and resumes even if you do want to end up working there. Skills can always be learned!

Amanda DiStefano
(current JnS Student)