Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Football Coach to Reporter: "Go Cover Soccer."

AFTER THE UNIVERSITY of Wisconsin-Whitewater football coach read an editorial in the school paper, he decided that student journalists were banned from covering his squad. Coaches and players were not allowed to speak to student reporters for the entire 2009 season.

"The door is shut," the coach told the paper. "Go cover soccer."

The coach was responding to an editorial that was headlined, "Spoiled athletes need reality check."

Can he really shut out reporters like that?

(FYI: the next day, the coach apologized and retracted his ban).


Jessa Filan said...

I can't believe the school allowed this to happen, even if only for a day. The coach should in no way be allowed to shut out reporters like that. The student journalists didn't do anything wrong, they were simply just doing their job.... reporting. The coach could've handled this in a different light. The fact that he apologized, however shows that he realized he was in the wrong.

Antonio Boone said...

The coach didn't have any right to "shut the door" on stories about the footbal team. This further proves the point that some people get special treatment over others because they might be able to run a little faster or jump a little higher. It's nothing wrong with refusing an interview but trying to shut out stories because they tell the truth is wrong.

Angelina Thoman said...

This is appalling. He had no right to block off the media, regardless of his reasoning. In fact, I would go as far as to say that maybe him and his team need MORE coverage, because he clearly has something to hide from the general public in attempting to ban media coverage. Thank goodness he retracted this "ban" the next day. It doesn't make his actions any less horrible, but it does at least show he was either a) under enough pressure to retract his statement, or b) he came to his senses. Everyone has at least one embarrassing moment of frustration in their life, which they regret something they had said or done in anger.

Lara Taylor said...

I feel kind of like an outcast, but I don't think the coach did anything henious here. He freaked out, but did his threats ever hold any credibility? He has no authority to ban the media, so why would they even take him seriously. What I need to know is if the school/paper went along with it. If the school did so, then we'd have a serious problem.

No, I don't think he had any right to say reporters weren't allowed to cover any events, but he does have every right to tell his players and other coaches not to speak to the press. I mean, anyone is allowed to turn down an interview.
--lara taylor strayer

Angelina Thoman said...

He doesn't have the authority to do it, and the fact that he attempted to do it is what makes it so terrible. Everyone has the right to refuse to talk to the media, but why try to "shut the door" completely, when this is college football we are talking about? Football is one of the most prized collegiate activities, and to deny any coverage of it for the student and faculty is selfish and snide.
I agree with your points, but taking it one step further exposes the hypocrisy of it all.

Anonymous said...

If he wanted good press that certainly was not the way to get it.

- Jess Dunford

Andrea Symonds said...

He doesn't have the authority to shut out the school press. What he said was stupid, because he didn't like what he read. If he thought before he made that statement he wouldn't have to apologize THE VERY NEXT DAY. That must have been embarassing, huh? Oh well think before you speak.

brittneyCorridean said...

Obviously this goes against one of the main principles of journalism which is objectivity. It's ridiculous and a complete abuse of power, and the fact the school allowed this to happen even as briefly as they did is a little disturbing. No, he should not have the right to say who can and cannot cover the sport. Also, news today is temporary, how does he know the writing won't change?

Amara Kamara said...

There was a reason why the coach felt that way but he had no right to tell the reporters to go cover the soccer.

Anonymous said...

This coach acted unproffesional and should not have done what he did, but everyone makes mistakes. Hopefully next time he will do the right thing.

Kurt Mauro