Monday, April 13, 2009

The World For $1 Per Month? What a Bargain.

YOU CAN HAVE THE world delivered to your home every month and it will only cost you $12 per year.

That is how much a subscription to Conde Nast Traveler costs - about $1 per issue.

If you subscribe to Newsweek, you get issues for about 47 cents each. The New Yorker is about 87 cents and Allure is about 89 cents per issue. They are all chock full of information and beautiful images. And they are dirt cheap.

Mag owners are considering raising prices slightly now that advertising revenue is slipping. Would you pay more?

Journalism outlets are trying everything they can to raise the money they need to produce their products. And while there has been great outcry about the potential loss of newspapers, few people are harping on the difficulties of magazines.

But reality is upon us. So, would you pay $3 per issue for a subscription to People magazine? When you look at what you get, isn't that really a bargain? And isn't a subscription still crazy cheaper than buying issues at newsstands?

Why do we expect information to be free or cheap?


Anonymous said...

Subscriptions are amazing. You get your favorite magazine (if your getting a subscription hopefully you do like the magazine) for a really cheap prize and with the convience of it being delivered to your door before the issue hits the stands. You would think that you would pay more for all those services, but since you cut out the middle man (the stores and stands in which you buy magazines) you get it for way cheap. It is very hard to near impossible for a magazine to run free- if it did then the whole thing would consist of advertisments and the pages wouldn't be the same quality. I have a subscription to Drawing magazine and I love it, subscriptions are a great thing.

Rachel Stumpo

Brittney Corridean said...

If I was really into the magazine I would pay whatever. If not, then I would prob just start buying it at the store once in awhile

Katie Killian said...

I do not think I would mind paying more for a subscription, as long as it was a reasonable price. If I like something enough, I will be willing to pay a little extra.

Joe DePhillipo said...

Magizines are awesome for what you pay for. For instance I'm subscribe to Transworld Skateboarding magizine and get it every month. After I read it I know what's going on and what people in the community over in california or even overseas are doing. Something I would never really hear about. I'd definitely pay a couple bucks more.

Stephanie Klock said...

Information is expected to be free or cheap because that is how it has always been.

Changing the cost of information would not be beneficial.

Why would a person pay to read a newspaper online when they could google the information and find it for free on another source?

I wouldn't pay 3 dollars an issue for a magazine. If you read the magazine long enough in many cases, such as Shape and Fitness, you tend to get the same information worded differenly, over and over again.

But with that said, I don't have any subscriptions or buy many magazines. I like free and cheap, and the internet does just fine.