Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blatant Self-Promotion: Your Teacher Is A Journalist.

LIKE I SAID, you should investigate all of your professors. Learn about them so you can mine them for information. That's why you're here.

In the journalism department, many of the faculty have had long careers in the business. And some of us continue to produce journalistic work on a regular basis. For instance, your Journalism & Society professor wrote the cover story of the new Philadelphia Weekly. Check it out.


Khanhly Ng said...

I was angry and scared while reading this story. It was good that the administrators stepped in and tried to solved the problem. This is a very touching story. I was shocked that something like this still happened and it was just last year!!!!

William Carlson said...

Professor Miller, I am in your small and intimate J111 class and thought I'd drop by to check in on the blog.

I just read this article not more than two hours ago and didn't realize it was your handiwork until just now. I suppose reading the journalist's name on articles might be a helpful habit to develop.

It angered me that there are children who are getting their first taste of America via assault (or worse). I liked the International Welcome Squad idea mentioned in the article. We really need more compassion and action as a society on this issue.

Josh Verlin said...

I'm gonna take this in a totally different direction--is Mookie your dog? He's adorable. I guess I understand the meaning behind your home page now! Totally off topic I know, but hey at least it's a better human interest story than the broom.

Geo said...

Mookie is my dog. And my best friend.

- George
(the teacher, who has a sleeping dog at his feet)

Genny Glassman said...

Hi Professor Miller,
I am in your Tuesday and Thursday Journalism and Society class. I just read your article in the Philadelphia Weekly and it really enlightened me to the problems going on in the Philadelphia school system. I am from the Philly suburbs and though most of us out there have no experience with the Philadelphia school system, we hear plenty of horror stories. Your article gave me a more realistic, and frightening, picture of a social structure that will hopefully begin to change with a new administration.

DAN said...

Great article George, albeit a very disturbing one. Thats a shame that so little is done about such a violent issue. Anybody remember Colombine? How about the Virginia Tech incident? Thanks to Chen, maybe it won't take a funeral for administrators to open their eyes.

Samantha said...

So over the Labor Day weekend I saw of movie that has everything to do with journalism. The movie is State of Play and it involves a journalist who solves a mystery while uncovering a story.

Geo said...

I was thinking of having Russell Crowe play me in the upcoming bio pic: "Mookie & Me."

- George
(the teacher whose best friend is a dog names Mookie)

Wafai Dias said...

I think that Chen said something interesting he said "The persons being targeted and randomly jumped for no reason were people perceived as unable to defend themselves, people whose first language wasn't English, and people who were mentally challenged." This is interesting to me because I have personally witnessed this harassment take place and some of it has to do with the the fact that these kids love to prey on the weak. If they see that you have any of those aspects they make it a goal to pick on you because they are for the most part uneducated, ignorant, and disrespectful kids. I agree with Sociologist Elijah Anderson 100% in is considered a dominance issue and has to deal with "black turf."