Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby. Or Not.

THE STUDENT NEWSPAPER AT Towson University recently ran column called "The Bed Post" which encouraged people to enjoy "mutual masturbation."

Some readers were offended by such material in the student newspaper, especially when there were more important things to write about. The editor of the paper resigned, telling a local newscast, "I personally made some poor editorial decision regarding the Bed Post."

The newspaper, however, stood by the column to some extent. Their follow up editorial said, "We do not apologize for the sexual content of the column. We wish it had been written less provocatively, and we realize that many readers were offended or simply felt it was inappropriate content for these pages."

Did the author of the story go too far? Or are the readers just prudes?

Do sex columns belong on campus newspapers?


Don Hoegg said...

My definition of what is newsworthy tends to be a lot narrower than most of my classmates', but I don't see a problem with this article at all. Sex is as much a part of college life as football games and frat parties: Why should we ignore something that we all (or mostly all) partake in? The Temple News has a "Temple Living" section for just this type of article.

Towson students ought to loosen up and ditch the Puritanism routine. The Victorian era ended a long time ago.

Courtney said...

Am i total prude for never hearing about "mutual masturbation"? I found the article to be very amusing and enjoyed the writers blunt honesty. College is all about "sexperimenting" so I understand why college kids want to read articles like this. For those who found it appalling-get over it, you're just mad your not getting laid.

William Carlson said...

It is obviously soft journalism (ha ha). It is something that could be written about at any time such as leisure or travel. It has a place, particularly given that there is a lot of sex going on amongst college students. It is pertinent. I will never stop being amazed that people are so easily offended. We incessantly talk about people getting their heads blown off and watch "entertainment" that revolves around a cadre of violent acts. What is wrong with getting yourself off without seeing blood? The human body and its functions are nothing to be ashamed of. Get a grip, America, we are not living in Puritan colonies although sometimes it seems like we still are.

Samantha Madera said...

I honestly do not find anything wrong with this article. I will admit, I was taken back on a few lines in this article, but I find this totally acceptable for a college newspaper. College students are adults, so they should be mature enough to handle this sort of information.

Wafai Dias said...

I don't think the readers are prudes because they represent society and if the majority of them were offended then the author should take that into consideration for next time. However, I did read the article and I don't think anything is wrong with the author wanting to share that information. The author didn't go to far because even if you are offended by the article it is a form of knowledge, and knowledge of any form shouldn't be banned. I think that sex columns do belong on campus because it fits the newsworthiness criteria of Human Interest and proximity. If I was the editor I don't think that I would've resigned because sometimes you just have to take a stand for this type of situation. Also, sex is not a foreign issue to college students therefore, sex columns should stay on campus.

Anonymous said...

FELICIA TOPSALE SAYS.............. I think it is so inappropriate that I really don't want to comment on it. The editors and the school just used bad judgement.

Matt Tumasz said...

If you go to college, odds are you will have a sexual encounter of some sorts. For safety and health, college campuses should post columns regarding sex in order to better inform the masses of college students who may not be too familiar with the subject.

Matthew said...

Good stuff- the article I mean. Definitely fits controversial and human interest criteria (I'm starting to be very happy that I can name these by heart, maybe that assignment did pay off. Thanks Geo). Anyway, a good story. Like many have said, yes, we are in college. Over the past century there's definitely been a paradigm shift in the way we think ad talk about sex in this country.
One thing I like about Europe (nt to switch gears) is how open they are with their bodies. I'm not saying we're Europe, but I think this article shows the fact that it's OKAY to be open about sex. (Though I do see the argument that sex is private and should be kept to yourself).
The responses to the article were really interesting. Many of them were students that actually supported the article and pointed to the First Amendment. The most compelling response I found was from a man who has been serving in the military for "20+ years." He said after having been in the military for so long, one thing he really appreciated was the first amendment and the fact that we really do have all these freedoms.
Newsworthy: Yes
Good article: Yes