Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Do You Need Your Reality Augmented?

THE NEW ISSUE OF ESQUIRE magazine features Robert Downey Jr. on the cover, sitting on a QR code. Putting the QR code in front of your computer camera sends the computer whirring with stuff.

What does this bring to the table as far as journalism goes? Does this enhance the experience and make people appreciate the information more?

Or is this a gimmick?

Are there practical applications for this technology for journalism?


Christopher Malo said...

I think it's cute.
The short answer is not only do I have no problem with this, I think it is great. I appreciate the creative attempts at figuring out where journalism is moving during these tumultuous times.
Do I think the future is Hamid Karzai being interviewed with Arabic letters flying around him and in 3D towards the viewer as Jon Stewart interviews him? Probably not. BUT, I do appreciate the experimental state of things right now.
I think since we know what doesn't work, but don't know what does work, we will be seeing much more of trying to marry journalism and technology.

Wafai.Dias said...

Wow! This technology seems so cool to me. I think that if journalists adopt this technique then I believe that they can gain viewers that have dwindled away due to demassification. Of course journalism won't gain their entire audience back but this is a really good start. I can see this being used by journalists in the very near future.

Brittany L. said...

That is so weird--but in a interesting kind of way! Honestly, I'm not so sure what to think of this "augmented reality." I mean, I think it does allow you to see things from a different perspective and gives the viewer another way of experiencing the information, but does it undermine the journalist's role? It's nice to have this technology available but I just think that it shouldn't dominate our focus as readers.

Anonymous said...

FELICIA TOPSALE SAYS.............. I think that's a cool idea. I'd but the magazine just see it but my computer isn't updated enough for that to work. Honestly computer technology changes so fast it is difficult to keep up. I bet the magaizne has sold a lot of copies as a result of the innovative magazine cover. I think it is a good way to get people to buy more magazines again instead of viewing everything online.

Francis Hilario said...

I think it's really interesting. It seems like you get more for the money. And since magazines are limited to what's written on the pages, this gives the articles and stories more depth and background (especially if you have a word limit). But I guess the problem with this, adding to what Felicia Topsale said, is that people may not be up-to-date or even have the software so this would probably end the mass communication aspect of it.

Diana Cooper said...

I think this is really amazing. I was shocked when I viewed the Youtube video because I've never seen anything as high-tech as thic. Making journalism into a reality is becoming the new age of journalism. After watching the clip, I am persuaded to buy the magazine and download the software. If people don't want to read the magazine they can watch it online. It is a genius invention!