Saturday, December 5, 2009

Temple Town: How Are You Living?

IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS YET, watch it. You want to know about life on campus? You think that the Temple News is too conventional? Click here and see their three part series about students living in North Philly, experiencing college life.

Does this appeal to you? Do quick shots, hip hop music and tales of sex draw you in? Is there news value here? Can a news product be slick and informative at once?


Wafai Dias said...

I think that this is a really cool documentary. The music is really relevant...I wonder who it's from? All the drinking and partying doesn't relate to me because I'm a commuter... However, I do understand this situation and I respect the Temple News for covering this because I have friends that do live and campus; so this helps me understand what they're experiencing.

Fatia said...

I believe this couls be interesting with a little more "hip hop' BUT OVERALL OT WAS OKAY

QueT71 said...


I really appreciate Temple News, for finding the time, and dedication to do this documentary about Temple students lifestyle on campus, and around the North Philadelphia area. I'm a commuter, from West Philly, and I don't get to experience the parties, drinking alcohol, doing drugs, and having sex with males, and females, for fun. I like the video!!!!