Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Welcome to Philly (Where We Don't Take No For An Answer).

CY YOUNG WINNER ROY HALLADAY was in town and before his deal with the Phillies was made official, 6ABC tracked down Halladay in Center City.

Watch the video. Was the reporter simply doing his job or was he being rude?


Lisa Jiang said...

I don't think he was being rude, just persistent. If you want to get the story, you're going to have to be persistent. As long as you're not harming him in any kind of way.

Aleksandr Molnar said...

There isn't much to be seen in a 0:22 clip. As Lisa said: persistent. Not necessarily "rude," but I'd confidently label it as "annoying."

Anonymous said...

Annoying or not..this guy is a major sports athlete. One guy in his face asking him questions?..he should be thankful its not the entire city of Philadelphia down his neck with questions. Plus the guys smiling.