Wednesday, January 6, 2010

See You In The Funny Pages. Or Maybe Not.

NEWSPAPERS ARE changing, that's for sure.

As readers get diverted to other outlets like cable television and online sites, newspapers are adapting. No longer do they strive to be the comprehensive tomes they once were. With thinner staffs and smaller budgets, they can only run so much stuff. For instance, many newspapers eliminated stock listings years ago.

The Washington Times recently eliminated their entire sports section. Then they chopped off their comics page, a move other media outlets have done as well.

Should newspapers have a funny pages section, usually complemented by the daily horoscope, crossword puzzle and sodoku? Or is that just old logic? Are you fine getting your humor (and horoscopes) online rather than in print?


Gillian Francella said...

Newspapers shouldn't eliminate sections. Newspapers, just like other media outlets are there to inform and also entertain. When you visit sites like, The Huffington Post, that are formatted similar to a newspaper,they offer a variety of things for a person to read about and thus they are more entertaining and popular.
I'm sad newspapers have to cut down and that they worry about the amount circulating, newspapers are the model for everything else.

Rachel Stumpo said...

This is upsetting. When I was little, my dad would always give me the comics out of his paper, and they'd keep me well entertained in the morning.

I only read horoscopes and do sudoku in newspapers, I really don't want them to go away. I'm nostalgic for hefty newspapers, it's a shame they've lost so much popularity.

Sam Kelly said...

I like to hold my humor. Thus I am a fan of the horoscopes, puzzles and sodokus. There is no comparison between doing a crossword puzzle online clicking with a mouse and completing a crossword puzzle with your mom's old beat-up #2.