Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blatant Self-Promotion: Your Teacher is a Multimedia Journalist (and You Should Be Too).

PHILADELPHIA SPORTS FANS have long had the reputation for being jerks. Our teams were so bad, for so long, that we were, well, angry.

All of the sudden, our teams are good (except the Sixers, who continue to be awful). Will success change the Philly sports fans? Will we become happy, gentle people who smile and say polite things rather than scowl and give the finger?

Read my story from the cover of this week's Philadelphia Weekly. Let me know what you think.


Dan P. said...

I fin it hard to imagine that Philly fans will grow soft. The Phillies have been doing very well lately, but that's only one out of four teams. And even if all four teams became dynasties in their respective leagues, it wouldn't last forever and we'd be right back to where we were before the Phils won.

Angelique said...

The passion that is behind Philadelphia fans is proven to be steadfast and true, even through the times when the teams weren't good. I don't think that will ever die.

Andrew said...

Besides football, I don't agree that the passion is steadfast and true. You could go back a few years when the Phillies were awful (both at the end of the Vet years and the .500 years of Citizens Bank) and no one would show up. Just like the Sixers now, they were talk of the town during the 2001 run but now they're back-page news. Funny what 1 championship does.

And I'm with Professor Miller, I despise the Eagles. I'll have to move out of the area if they ever win a championship, the fans will be intolerable.

Dan P. said...

The Flyers highest average attendance was during the 2006 season, which was also the worst season in franchise history. We're more than just a football town.

Tim Keller said...

Haha i read this story before i even check the blog, i was like well what do you know, good article.

Michael said...

Having read this, I now feel less shame about the batteries. JD Drew was an asshole.

Geo said...


- George
(the teacher who seriously holds grudges)

Anonymous said...

I don't watch sports at all. my grandfather was a die-hard eagles fan BECause they never won. And I try to honor him by rooting for them because frankly, i really don't care who wins (unless there's $ on it.)
i love the quotes picked...but why quote a former editor.sports writer? from YOUR paper. we've already heard his opinions & we already have your writers opinion in a story is one too many. (according to newswriting rules, but this is feature?)
Phillys phans seem kind of bipolar or something.but i could see polite fans getting mad at the story.
some of the focus on halladay's wife was kind of from left field. pun intended.
I would never say: "it's strange to even say that." after writing something.
EXtreme shift from 3rd to first- b/c its a feature?
THEN: major info COOL!
I can't believe that Bristow quote. did you tell him you would print that?
whats up w/ the last sentence?

Geo said...

Yo Anonymous!

Leave your name. We don't bite. Or judge. It's all good.

Anyway ... Bill Lyon worked at the Inquirer, not the Philly Weekly, where this story was published. I never worked with him, anywhere.

Opinions? I tried not to offer mine. Rather, I asked questions.

Your observation about Halladay's wife is valid ... it may have been an odd way to enter the story. I guess it didn't work well. It happens.

Everyone I interview, I let them know I'm gathering info for the story. I get names, contact info, ages, etc. He was pretty proud of himself for the quote, actually.

If you ever want to talk about gathering or packaging info, grab me.

- George
(the teacher who says it's OK to tell me I suck if you think I suck ... just do it nicely and leave your name).

Gillian Francella said...

"We are intensely knowledgeable about our teams" and that is why we will never grow soft. The Philadelphia audience is a coach to every team and we demand the best.

That being said, I am obviously an obnoxious Philly fan as is my entire family and friends.