Monday, May 24, 2010

If the Prez Travels, Should the Media Follow?

THE MEDIA USED TO TRAVEL with the president of the United States wherever the president went. To maintain objectivity, they paid for their flights - whether it was on Air Force One or a chartered flight.

Now, in the era of media outlets trimming their expenses, fewer journalists are accompanying the president.

Is that something to worry about? Are we unlikely to see and hear more perspectives, angles and ideas? Is having fewer people to challenge the authority figures a danger to democracy?

Or is cutting back on these trips a wise move? Rather than travel on every little venture, the media companies choose which will be the most important?

Does anyone care what the president says on the airplane?

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Frankito29 said...

As long as those who travel with the president have a different background (age, race, culture, i.e) everything is good! There's no need of a big amount, just enough for different perspectives to be formed.

It is wise to choose what events to go with the president, as long as they're relevant, then great! And yes, some people (as odd as it sounds) do care what the president has to say, and as journalist, we should cover it.

P.S: is not a wide move to cut back on these trips! i was hoping that by becoming a journalist i would get free flights! dammit!