Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who Covers the Team? The Coach Will Decide.

DEREK DOOLEY, THE University of Tennessee football coach, told journalists last week that only certain reporters would be given access to a mock game the team played.

The journalists selected were allowed in, he said, as "a simple reward for exemplary performance."

Should a coach be allowed to decide who gets to cover his team?


ijdkamp said...

Does "exemplary performance" mean "the person who trashed our team the least"? I cry foul.

Ruth K. said...

I mean, sure, he can decide who gets to write about his mock game, I suppose, but I wouldn't trust anything I read about the event/etc. Since it's a mock game, it doesn't seem totally weird that he is doing this. I would consider this advertisement moreso than straight-up journalism. Is there a term for that?

Matthew Albasi said...


I'm not sure of a term for that but do you think reporters should be used as marketing tools like that?

jessekoehler said...

I don't believe that a coach should be able to choose what journalists, because both sides of the story should be heard. Of course Dooley is going to choose journalists that are going to say nothing but good things about the team, but the public should get an honest, unbiased view instead of a skewed view.

Ruth said...


No, I don't think they should be used like that.