Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thinking of Studying in London? Do It.

JOURNALISM IS AN excuse to do some really cool stuff. Sure, the industry is changing and some people are super negative about the future of the industry.

But if you have to work for a living, journalism is about as rewarding and as fun a career as you will find. For real.

The Temple London students this past summer spent six weeks documenting the music scene. We hung out with musicians, producers, magazine publishers, broadcast producers, venue operators and lots of other cool folks. Then we made the magazine above.

If you are considering journalism or studying abroad, do it (both of them).


Caitlyn Warakomski said...

Studying abroad is sounds like an awesome experience. I am a freshman here at Temple and I am definitely looking to study abroad at some point within my four years here. This seems like such a cool and productive way to spend your summer and to get a hands on experience as to what journalism is really all about.
-Caitlyn Warakomski

Anonymous said...

Taisje Claiborne

I am definitely studying abroad .. But I just don't know if I want to go to London or LA. I'm sure both programs are amazing but I would love to get out of the country and see what's going on over there.

Geo said...

Don't forget that there are several other study abroad options within the university (for instance, we have campuses in Rome and Tokyo). And you can transfer in credits from most other study abroad programs around the world.

That said, London rocks. Totally.

- George
(the teacher who would go just about anywhere, really)

Hillary said...

London is one of my top places to visit. The fact that this opportunity is available is awesome. I definitely want to study abroad, but I'm not sure when I want to go. I'll probably wait till my junior or senior year.
London Calling!

Cassandra D'Amelio said...

I heard of Romeo and Tokyo but never London or LA! That is awesome! I would LOVE to study a semester in Cali or Florida! I dont know where to start looking

Amanda Humphrey said...

I went on a school trip to Europe my senior year of high school. We visited five different cities throughout England, France, and Belgium, but my favorite out of all of them was definitely London. I'm a senior now and I regret that I never studied abroad in college, and my advice to anyone thinking about going to London is definitely do it while you have the opportunity!

Eleana Wehr said...

This really makes me want to study abroad. It looks and sounds like a great way to have fun and experience journalism hands on. I would really like to study abroad during the school year as well. Is there a program that is recommended for journalism students other than this one that is really good? And what year of college do students usually go to London for this trip?

Kaitlyn Sutton said...

When I was researching colleges last year as a high school senior I was extremely impressed at the study away programs that SCAT had to offer. I will definitely be studying in London, seeing how BTMM is my major. My only question is when during my time here at Temple I would go. Could anyone share an experience of when and where they went?

Geo said...

Junior year seems to be popular for students going abroad.

If anyone has specific questions about programs - at Temple or elsewhere - give me a holler. There are literally a world of options.

- George
(the teacher who highly recommends that you leave the country)

Michael Busza said...

I think I would have died if I were offered the opportunity to document the London music scene! I really, really hope that the study abroad when I go works on a similar project!

Geo said...

We might do a similar project on the Philly music scene during the summer session. Stay tuned for details.

- George
(the teacher who thinks you guys should start a Philly music mag. Go for it. For real.)

Ruth K. said...

I'm studying abroad in Israel at Hebrew University since my major is in Middle Eastern Studies, but I'd like to get more involved in journalism. Do you know of any internships in Jerusalem? Do you have any suggestions?

Geo said...

Let's talk. I believe we have a TU alum who runs the Israeli broadcast news operation. I might have a few other leads.

- George
(the teacher who likes that Temple grads are everywhere)