Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bill Conlin: A Lifetime in Sports. And a Story For Every Day.

JUST STUMBLED ACROSS this video tribute (above) to Philadelphia Daily News columnist Bill Conlin, a Temple grad who was honored with a Lew Klein Award last week.

Conlin is an icon in Philadelphia sports. There's no ethical question here. But listen to the dude. There's great stuff in these videos.


Scott Samuel David Weiss said...

As we all might have already figured, Temple alum Bill Conlin is a journalist. Conlin's stories might be out of the ordinary, but you could sense his passion for these subjects. George Miller, a Temple University Journalism professor, stated that Journalism is a job filled with enjoyment; in Conlin's case, the fun has surrounded his passion for sports. It is a passion that has him on DAILY NEWS LIVE, covering major sporting events, and get recognized for the treasures he provides.
- Scott Samuel David Weiss
Temple Class of 2015

Alexis Wilkinson said...

I think it is amazing that he has been reporting for over 50 years and is still a visionary. I think it is also cool that he was able to adapt to the new media age, since not everyone is able to do that. He also seems like such a humble man.