Monday, November 7, 2011

Michael Moore: "You're Just Punk Media."

WAS THE REPORTER out of line in asking filmmaker Michael Moore about his reported net worth? Or was he being a good journalist?


Alexis Wilkinson said...

I think that there was a valid reason behind asking him how he is helping the protestors since he could be considered as part of the 1%; however, I do not feel it was right to throw out that he makes $50 million. Moore was obviously angry and stated that the media does nothing but spread lies. I feel like the reporter should have approached the question differently.

Zachary Connor said...

I do not believe the reporter was out of line whatsoever. He did what he was supposed to do, which was ascertaining the truth. I believe to be a good journalist, you're going to have to sometimes be an asshole. As for the way in which he asked, it was maybe a little presumptuous, but in that situation, one may need to ask something provactive or controversial in order to get the intended target to reply. And Michael Moore did respond to that particular reporter, in a much more responsive manner than he possibly could have hoped.

On another note, I find it rather humorous that Michael Moore used the word "lies" repeatedly in that confrontation because he stretches the truth in his own documentaries.

Alexis Byrd said...

I do not think the reporter was out of line because it is just a question. A question does not have to answered, but if it is; a journalist is supposed to report the truth.