Sunday, January 22, 2012

Baby Photos For Sale!

JESSICA ALBA SAYS that celebrity couples who sire a child should sell the rights to the first images of the child to the highest bidder.

Rather than deal with paparrazi stalking her, Alba sold the rights to the first pictures of her baby to OK magazine for a reported $1.5 million.

Think about this from the journalism angle - is it acceptable for the media to buy the rights to the images? Is it ethical?

If it is acceptable to pay for these images, where should the media draw the line? Should the media start paying for access to celebrities? For interviews? For other information?

Does paying for information/ images/ access change your perception of the story?


Anonymous said...

The magazine bought the rights to the baby pictures for 1.5 million dollars. They are most likely going to earn the profit back and then some if everything works out as planned. Looking back to our youth days as we get older, we always cherish our baby pictures, and photographs from when we were young because they mean something, and bring back pleasant memories. As long as the baby is covered up, and nothing controversial is occurring in the photograph (Example: Michael jackson holding his baby over a balcony) I don't feel as though there is a problem with this. Alba was willing to sell the pictures which is much easier then having paparazzi's following her taking pictures that she might not be willing to have viewed by the public. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Eliminate the annoying, ruthless paparazzi's, pay for access to the celebrities and you can still make money on the business aspect of the spectrum.
-Chase Senior

Geo said...

If you begin paying for information, though, won't people begin to create information just to make money?

- George
(the teacher who fears that the commercialization of information might lead to predatory activity, where we all mine our friends and family for potential information we can sell).

Anonymous said...

I think that nothing is wrong with it and its a pretty good deal. There is a primary source which is the image for the magazine and even thought its all about the business there will always be money made from those that buy the magazine. Furthermore, that money will support someone that is raising a child even if its to an actress that makes or already has money to spend. I see it as a win win.

Alex Snell said...

Celebrating a baby's birth can be such a joyful time for a mother. I think Jessica Alba demonstrated that in her interview by making really great points as to why she did what she did. Selling the baby pictures to a magazine eliminates the fear of paparazzi invading into this personal time. Many celebrities complain about the paparazzi, so it most likely made Alba much more comfortable to do it herself. Also, I think that it is very nice that she now has beautiful professional shots of the baby to hold on to forever.
-Alex Snell

Chase Senior said...

The only way it should go down is if both sides agree. Alba agreed to sell, the magazine agreed to buy. With both sides consent I think it is a non-issue. People already lie about information and publish that false information, but receiving it directly from the celebrity, or whoever is a formidable source.
-Chase Senior

Jake DiLanzo said...

I think if the celebrity is doing what Jessica Alba is doing with the money, then there is nothing wrong with it. I really believe it depends on the person though. Of course, every journalist is going to want to get photos of star's newborn, but that doesn't mean every celebrity is going to "exploit" their child.

Crystal Hood said...

I think its sad that our society has resorted to exploiting our childeren to make money. Children should not be in the lime light at such a young age because all it does is perpetuate the idea that someone who happens to have money leads "a news worthy" life.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe that celebrities should sell their child first picture to expose the baby to the public. Since, most people know that Beyonce and Jay-Z keeps their personal lives a secret and away from the media for the most part. I believe they she should just post the baby Blue Ivy picture to keep the press and media from trying to take pictures of her with Blue Ivy.

Rahmeek Jones

Sienna Vance said...

I feel like OK magazine was being unethical when they bought the rights to Alba's baby picture. Because Alba is a celebrity, she does not need 1.5 million dollars for a picture of an ordinary baby. What about normal and impoverished mothers? They cannot sell their baby's picture to anywhere for that amount of money. OK should have clearly made a contract with Alba that she needed to donate this money to a charity. 1.5 million dollars could provide assistance to people in poverty. However,no one can be sure that Alba will actually use this money for a good cause. Therefore, I feel like OK was being irresponsible.