Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is Vagina Acceptable? And is "Vajajay" Sexist?

Apparently, usage of the word vagina has become rather commonplace on broadcast television. Is that acceptable?

"One of the great things about broadcast television is nobody really knows what's appropriate anymore," a CBS producer told Philadelphia Daily News reporter Ellen Gray. "It's a floating target."

As we evolve as a society (or devolve, depending upon your point of view), should the accepted standards change?

Also consider this: references to male goodies have long been sitcom fodder, with the word penis fairly normal on television for decades. Is the deferential treatment of women's sexual organs actually sexist?

And is the now-common usage of the word vagina something of an empowerment movement for women?

(By the way: the word vagina appears 20 times in that Daily News story that acceptable?)


Alexis Sachdev said...

I wouldn't say "vajayjay" is necessarily sexist, but it certainly is demeaning and tinged with mockery. It's not like broadcast news outlets (or sitcoms, for that matter) use mocking terms of male genitalia, and I think female organs deserve the same respect. Note that even in the "Friends" clip, it's referred to as a "penis," and nothing mocking.

Chase Senior said...

People argue that women are depicted much more than men in advertisements, shows, etc, and they may have a point but at the same time, so too are men. The word vagina and penis aren't out of the ordinary. Although they are private parts, they are still just parts of the body. It's not like anybody is using an explicit curse word. There are other words for penis and vagina that we have all heard that are totally inappropriate and if those are used on TV, and in print ads then I can see it crossing the line.

Milady said...
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