Sunday, February 12, 2012

Student Journalists Explain How To Get Your Groove On.

THE UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII student newspaper published a Valentine's Day edition, and offered sex tips. Unlike other newspapers (student or otherwise) that have regular sex columns, the Hawaii newspaper, Ka Leo, printed illustrations that visually portrayed the sex positions the writer describes.

Find the story online here. See it in print above on page 16.

Is this responsible journalism?


Sofia Pignitor said...

I think that this paper was clearly within its rights. If journalists are allowed to write about heinous murders and rapes, I don't think a piece about valentines day sex is anything too touchy. Not to mention its a college newspaper. Kids are much more likely to stumble upon a porno site on google than a sex article in a news column.

Dan Hampton said...

I have no problem with the article itself, or the pictures personally.

But from a parent's perspective I can see why the pictures are simply too much and need to be scaled down or removed altogether. Kids shouldn't be seeing these kinds of things because it makes them want to go out and try them.

Some students said it right- that it is a college campus newspaper and it has a targeted audience. So the odds are that not many children would have picked up the newspaper anyways.

Olivia Dello Buono said...

I think that it was done tastefully (in relation to the subject matter). The target demographic was college students, and as a part of that collective, I found it to be done in an entertaining, yet tasteful manner.

Sakinah Muhammad said...

The actual article is very thorough in its nature, but I guess if you’re not getting news from the people you expect to get it from what other credible source will give it to you. I’d much rather read about something to be more knowledgeable on the subject than blindly commit an act and look like a fool. Although the actually article is detailed far more than I imagined, it was pretty interesting and offers some pretty decent tips. By the way, I was kind of embarrassed that the people sitting next to me in the computer lab would look over and think I was some kind of kinky sex addict reading things like this in public.

Jonah Martinson said...

I certainly believe this is responsible journalism. The newspaper, which is targeted towards college students, was focusing on relevant information for their audience. To me, there is no difference between this and a Cosmo magazine article. Both are specifically targeted towards audiences that find the information relevant to their life. While it may be "raunchy" or "disgusting" to a person of a different demographic, the UH newspaper was operating within their niche audience.
Also, I actually enjoyed the article. I thought it was pretty entertaining and well-written.