Monday, March 26, 2012

Get Your Camera Away From Me, Dog.

A REPORTER AND PHOTOJOURNALIST were covering a murder story when a friend of someone involved in the story approached the news team. He wanted the crew to leave, and he didn't want to be videotaped.

"Get your camera away from me, dog," he said as he slapped the camera away.

Then he walked back to his car and brandished a pistol.

The news crew turned this into a story. The lead story for the 5:00 PM newscast.

Is this news?

Watch the video above. Is it good TV or good journalism, or both?


Sakinah Muhammad said...

In my opinion it's a perfect mixture of both good TV and good journalism. They had no intentions of going to the man's home to get the story that they left with but nonetheless it was a story.Shouldn't all good journalist want to produce something that is interesting and people want to watch, see, or listen to? I think what they showed in the video presented both a good story from the journalist perspective and good TV from a viewers point of view.

Michael Zahn said...

This is more so good TV. There's no real "news" within this story. There is shock within this story in my opinion, but the ultimate outcome is someone goes to jail. Many people go to jail, this just had an exciting twist that made for good television.

Anonymous said...

Sieara McLeod says...

This type of story is more so good TV rather than good "news". These types of stories entertain people and keeps ratings high for news programs which is essential when it comes reporting a good story. The guy makes a fool out of himself which is very entertaining, especially for younger people.