Monday, February 4, 2013

Recent Journo Grads Are Making Decent Money (And Other Odd Things You Learn On The Internet).

Oh, Internet. You'd think by now we'd know how to use you properly.

Then again, maybe there are new rules and the old conventions are obsolete. Who knows?

• The Lansing State Journal invited followers to "share" an image of a fatal car crash on facebook as a way of expressing condolences to the families of victims. Is there anything wrong with that?

• An activist group launched a campaign - online and on facebook - to save the two main daily newspapers in Philadelphia.

• A teacher in Colorado was suspended after she tweeted topless images of herself to Diplo. ran the images on their website. Should have published the images?

• There were 24.1 million tweets about the Super Bowl. Only 5.5 million of them were about Beyonce's halftime performance.

• AOL did a story about Penn State's hockey team. And AOL added the words "Jerry Sandusky" to the story URL. Some folks argued that was a blatant attempt at building better search engine optimization for the story. Is there anything wrong with that, if that was the case (which they deny)?

• A report says that 2012 college grads with full-time jobs in journalism had an average starting salary of more than $40,000 per year. This dude adds context to the claim.

Got any thoughts about any of this?

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Samantha Rich said...

By now, I have learned that the internet never does what one expects of it. Though all of the facts listed in this post caused me to raise an eyebrow and say, 'Really?' The first post stood out to me the most. The post about The Lansing State Journal sharing car crash images to express condolences is absolutely ridiculous to me. I understand that it is their job to report the news but I think asking followers to 'share' the images is crossing a line, there are other ways to express your condolences and I am sure family and friends of the victims do not appreciate seeing these pictures of the crash site littering the internet.