Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Morning News: "I Talk Through My Hole."

The FOX Philadelphia morning show crew interviewed a traffic cone that was mic'ed up.



itssnick said...

I think this just about sums it up

Iman S said...

This once again demonstrates the blurred line between entertainment and news fraught in American broadcast media these days. This is embarrassing. Perhaps if there existed a vacuum of stories and little to report on, I would understand the aptness of "interviewing" a traffic cone. But this is Philadelphia and there's a plethora of stories and people endemically under-represented and indeed erased by media that do not make it to Fox 29. It's shameful that mainstream media in the US opts for so-called "stories" like these while being afforded free speech rights whereas investigative journalists in praetorian countries risk their lives and are killed for their job. The ultimate result is to render society bereft of meaning; media contributes to this in America.