Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"It is a Fact and You Will Not Deny It."

What do you do when an interview subject keeps making claims without substantiating them?

Here are a few options:

• Accept the statements. They are the official statements, right?
• Ask for sources of the information.
• Stop the interview once evidence is not provided.
• Never have this person on the show again.

Did the interviewer here handle the situation well? What would you have done?


Dylan Long said...

I think that George did a decent job interviewing this guy. He had his work cut out for him, as Miller spent the interview formulating either confusing and/or baseless responses or avoiding questions altogether. George did a good job slipping in retorts that were dead on, while keeping the interview going and not getting caught up in meaningless arguments with Miller. I feel like one thing George could improve in the future is the amount of time that he gives Miller to ramble and conjure up eloquent excuses as to why he doesn't have any information or evidence on so many of the questions George asks him. It would be easy and fair to call bullshit at many moment throughout this interview, and I feel as though George held back a bit more than he should've.

Danyang Miao said...

In 18 minutes and 44 seconds, all the senior policy adviser, Stephen Miller said many claims without enough proofs. In my opinion, George Stephanopoulos did a good job. In that kind of situation, the first thing I will do is accept the official statement since avoiding wasting time on debates. Then, George gave us an excellent example that keeps asking questions and changes the topic when Stephen Miller did not say anything new.

Unknown said...

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