Monday, February 11, 2008

If Katie Smiles, Vote Obama.

ARE YOU ALL FIRED UP about Obama? Crazy about Clinton? Ready to run with McCain?

Have any idea why?

The media has influenced you. You get that by now, right?

Well, the media may have more influence on you than you realize: Elisha Babad, a Hebrew University social psychologist, says that even the non-verbal actions of television interviewers may have an effect on your decision making.

Babad will be speaking at the Tech Center, room 111, on Wednesday, February 13, at 1:00.

Go. It's free.


Anonymous said...

I am a former student of J1111 and a big fan of George. Before I get to my point, everyone, enjoy this class. George rocks. He is so helpful. Don’t be lazy, get an A.

okay, so, I read in The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell (read that book, it rocks) that this has been going on forever. The late Peter Jennings was tested by people and said when he spoke of a republican he would smile more than if he spoke about a democrat. I am going into newspaper journalism, but still, how is that fair? Why should the people on TV he able to influence how we vote. Not cool.

In the words of your professor, "Have a voice, get involved, and comment"

I suggest you all take part.

-Todd Miller

Jason Pearlman said...

If it weren't for the media, we wouldn't know who the candidates were, so obviously they influence our decisions at a basic level by simply presenting us with options.

Brett Strycharz said...

There will always be a spin on a story. Try as you might to provide information in the most objective manner possible, there will always be a slant. The location of stories in a paper can appear to show favoritism or focus on certain ideas. Vocal inflection, facial expressions, and visual presentation on broadcast news can be attributed to the same thing. The list could go on and on...

It's a natural occurrence. This study by Babad would be an issue if we, the media consumers, look to a single outlet for our daily intake of stories. If we research information, look to different sources, and take what we consume with a grain of salt... we can make decisions that best suit our individual interests and the greater populace.

Bryan Leddy said...

I would not vote for anyone that gets the republican or democratic nomination. To me, the presidency gets passed around among friends like a cold. First the Bush family had it, then the Clinton's, then the Bush's, now it may go back to the Clinton's, and to me that is not in the American people's best interest.