Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Big Story: Your Team Needs You.

THE INFORMATION that follows comes directly from TU president Ann Weaver Hart's e-mail to the Temple community:

Men's Game: The men play Michigan State this Thursday, March 20, in Denver, CO at 12:30 pm EST. We will be hosting two sites on campus to view the game: The Great Court in Mitten Hall, and the Howard Gittis Student Center Room 200.

Women's Game: Sunday evening in College Park, MD at 9:30 pm EST, the women will play Arizona State. We will televise this game in the Howard Gittis Center Room 200.

Support your teams.

The photo above comes from the Aperture Photo Agency, a product of Temple University photojournalism students.


guido said...

thank you george!!!
go temple

Anonymous said...

While the university did a good job organizing the viewings on Thursday, they did a poor job with helping students actually GO to Denver to REALLY support the team. It had been rumored that both St. Joes and Nova has planned trips for their schools to go to their respected games. Unfortunately, it is easier for them to get to their locations than we could have. But they did no help with attempting to assist students to get there. They made everyone figure it out alone, which would have ended up costing over $600 dollars per person or even more.

Tyler Laurie said...

I felt like the atmosphere for the game was great. Although the team did not win, all the guys that I watched the game with (about 30 in the owls nest) were out supporting Temple. To me this was awesome considering that the first Temple game I attended this had very few students. I do agree with the comment above mine though. The university did have a plan set out and then when it looked as if I was set to go to Denver they canceled it on us. That was a huge inconvenience because the price jumped about 250 dollars and thus made it nearly impossible for me to go. That being said it was still an awesome experience to see our guys (and girls tonight) on TV giving Temple a good name. Thanks for the opportunity to watch Prof. Miller.