Thursday, March 20, 2008

Boston Mag Is Going Straight To Hell.

THE ADVERTISEMENT above for a health club appeared in last month's issue of Boston magazine (sister mag to Philadelphia magazine).

Catholics in the heavily Catholic town freaked out.

"It's offensive," a Boston archdiocese spokesperson said. "I hope they make the decision not to run it again and perhaps offer an apology to the religious community."

Is there anything wrong with a magazine running this ad?


maggie said...

I dont think that it was meant to be offensive. I think that the message that this ad is supposed to portray is that if you go to this health club that your body will be so nice that you should be a work of art. Back in olden days monks and other religious figures were allowed to study and make art, why not in this picture. I dont think that the magazine did anything wrong, or that they should have to apologize.

If people are really that distraught by this ad they should blame the health club not the magazine.

Megan S said...

I do think that this ad is offensive. While I understand that it is trying to make a joke, it's more of a joke that belongs on a site like collegehumor, not in a published magazine. While the health club should have never created this ad in the first place, you would think that someone at the magazine would have had second thoughts about the ad and chose not to run it.

Shawn Needham said...

I can see why the religious community would find this offensive, but personally, I am not offended. People, ESPECIALLY the religious community, need to lighten up. I think the add could have been done far less tastefully.

Ayumi said...

Even though it is a little shocking image to see and may make religious people angry, I don't think this ad is wrong. In fact,it is working well as an ad by giving its message clearly.

Ariela Rose said...

I'm from Boston and I'm not offended.

I can see where the church may have taken offense to it but seriously why is nudity so offensive? I agree with maggie, this picture could and should be viewed in a very artistic way. The church also has no right to ask for an apology. It was an ad for a health club not a representation of the catholic religion. Maybe the members of the church should head to the health club. Working up some endorphins might help them lighten up a bit.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago there was a certain cartoon that set off riots in Denmark.
Why can't we respect others faiths and don't go there?
Why can't people just not take things so seriously?
Tonight I have a split personality.
Paul Klein

Joshua Middleton said...

There are naked men statues all over the Vatican museum in Rome. I don't think it's offensive.

Kevin Cook said...

I agree with pretty much everyone else said...I don't think this is offensive, but I can understand why the Catholic church would find it offensive.

Sure, there may be naked statues all over the place...not just in the Rome...but are they advertisements for a health club? It's much different.

We can say "lighten up" or whatever, and yea they should...but putting yourself in their shoes you can understand why they'd get offended.

Anonymous said...

No!! If you don't like what the Ad suggests Don't buy the products/services that company provides. THE END!
Monika S

Ashlee Kane said...

I dont it is offensive at all. In fact, its really funny and innocent. Who wouldnt appreciate a work of art like this?...Well I dont wanna claim to be a good judge of art but I would think that this statue is meant to be considered a good piece of art. Anyway, no this is just meant to be comical.

Stacy said...

I think that the ad is amusing and although I don't personally find it offensive I can understand why some others would. It's a little blasphemous to suggest that even a Nun can become transfixed by a man's body because that goes against their religious teachings and can be argued that the ad is making a mockery of Catholoc nuns. Maybe the best place to have naked man isnt in the church.

liz said...

nudity is all over the vatican but even when that art was created it was often considered controversial and it was basically only acceptable because it was supposed to be celebrating the body and gods this ad its not that the nuns are drawing its that the nuns are obviously becoming aroused. i agree with stacy