Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Volcano Erupts. Now Should it Disappear?

STUDENTS AT A California high school ran a photo of a student burning a flag on the cover of their final issue of the year.

Then the school principal threatened to shut down the newspaper - which is called the Volcano.

"The paper's done,"
said the principal. "There is not going to be a school newspaper next year."

A student editor convinced school district officials that the newspaper deserves a second chance.

What is the right decision? Read the reader's comments at the bottom of the linked pages before you make up your mind.


Anonymous said...

Well i think the principal shouldn't shut down the newspaper. If the issue was already printed he can't do anything about it and use it against the paper--it says so in the constitution but then again burning an american flag is a federal crime

Geo said...

Flag burning is an issue that repeatedly pops up in the Supreme Court.

I believe the last case was about 20 years ago. The court voted that burning a flag is considered making a statement and therefore protected by the first amendment's freedom of speech.

So, at this point in time, flag burning is not actually a federal crime.

- George (the teacher)

danielassaraf said...

The fact that this is a school paper makes the First Ammendment issue irrelevant. Consider this: if I owned a newspaper and you wrote an article I didn't like and I fired you, I wouldn't be violating your Consitutional right to free expression, would I? Just because you have the right to do something doesn't mean that someone (whether it be the school, gov, or a private citizen) must help you. Saying that shutting down the paper is unconstitutional also means that the government must make signs for anti-war protesters. The government must allow dissent, but not provide a printing press for it. However, I think the responsible thing to do would be to allow the paper to continue because it is doing a good job of being provocative.

Jessica Lista said...

I do not think the principal should shut down the newspaper. I do understand why the principal would be upset about this because it is considered a federal crime. I do believe the newspaper should get a second chance though and this time ask the principal to look over the paper before publishing if he feels so strongly about what is shown in the school newspaper.

Jessica Lista said...

so i just read the comments above. I had no idea that flag burning is not a crime. Then the newspaper should definitely have a second chance.