Friday, January 30, 2009

Before You Were Born: Newpapers on Computers? Shocking!

UM, YES, SHE DID say that the dial-up modem was costing the dude $5 per hour, and it takes more than two hours to download the newspaper. And she said the street copy of the newspaper cost only 25 cents.

Pure awesome.


Amanda DiStefano said...

Peronsally, I don't see electronic newspapers putting the guys or girls on the corner out of a job anytime soon. Until all of society can catch on to new technologies and willingly conform to them, paper will still be consumed. Take this law now to convert to digital TV. I am sure there were people who didn't even know blackberryless societies exist such as there are people who can't imagine owning one. (And they aren't just our grandparents age either)

Amanda Distefano
(current)Journalism and Society student

Anonymous said...

Aw, no comics?! Lame. This computer newspaper thing will never work...

- Jess Dunford (b. 1988)