Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Photojournalist "Who Changed History."

APPRECIATE THE POWER and influence of the journalist, specifically photojournalists.


nicholasderoose said...

"The written word, that's bullshit, but a picture.." haha i liked that line..

Brittney Corridean said...

I liked this video... it starts out a lil on the down side and then picks up. He seems like he knew his stuff

Sam Kelly said...

Excellent video & image.

Pictures are very important because people believe photographs, and the picture can be a lie, but that person will look at that and it's real, it becomes a real thing, people might say the written word, bullshit, the picture is what it does. - Eddie Adams from An Unlikely Weapon

For some of the world most famous images check out youtube video, "Photojournalism":

Levi Stewart said...

"I respect a lot of photographers, and they really piss me off. I respect them, but they piss me off because they're so fucking good."

Best line of that whole clip. As an aspiring photojournalist this video looks pretty sweet. That quote and the trailer using "I Turn My Camera On" by Spoon did it for me, I really want to see this documentary.

Antonio Boone said...

I'd really like to see this video just after watching this trailer. Its not often that you really get to see the perspective of a photojournalist especially one who has made such a large impact on journalism and society as a whole.