Thursday, June 11, 2009

Did The Blogger Do Ibanez Wrong?

A SPORTS BLOG insinuated that the massive season Raul Ibanez is having may be because of reasons less than natural (performance enhancing drugs?). The blogger appeared on ESPN with a pair of traditional media types. Check out their discussion.

Did the blogger do anything wrong? Or are the traditional media folks getting up on their high and mighty for no good reason?

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KearnDaddy said...

The blogger did do Raul Ibanez wrong to say the very least. Ibanez's MVP caliber numbers midway through the season were no fluke, this guy is the real deal, and has been a more than capable replacement for former fan favorite Pat Burrell. Ibanez has always been this type of player, though we'd seldom seen it in the past because he played out West in Seattle. If it weren't for his untimely injury in midseason and some Albert Pujols guy, Ibanez would have made a serious play at the Triple Crown and subsequently the MVP. FACT!

Andrew Kearney