Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TIME Mag Documents The Decline of Mankind.

BE AFRAID. Very afraid.

Why? Well, over the years, TIME magazine has told you why you should be scared. For instance, in this cover story (left), they say that children are under the constant assault of hucksters of porn. And that was back in 1976, way before the Internet.

TIME has also told you that the world will crumble because of crack babies, devil worshippers, foul language, drugs, Pokemon, fat people, guns and the population splurge.

Magazines focus on issues and trends rather than breaking news. But is TIME's documentation of such ridiculous, hysteria-inducing topics just a ploy to sell magazines? Or are they actually doing a public service?

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Joe said...

Time and Newsweek drive me crazy. They peg themselves as these great, worthwhile news mags but really, in Time's case, you're so right: it's a lot of fear mongering to sell magazines. And Newsweek is a haven for hack journalism.