Monday, June 22, 2009

Should The Athlete's Life Be Public Info?

Last week, Sixers' star forward Andre Iguodala was sued for child support, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Inquirer's story does not provide any details about Iguodala's performance on the court but it does talk about Iguodala's $80 million, six-year contract and other details of the guy's life. For instance:

The suit lists Iguodala's address as the Phoenix, a luxury high-rise in Center City. In January 2007, Iguodala paid $1.775 million for a house in Bryn Mawr, according to Montgomery County records. He also paid $600,000 in 2004 for a house in West Conshohocken.

Does the public really need to know these kinds of details about our sports heroes? Is it news? Should the athletes have some right to privacy?

Or do the stars relinquish their privacy when they sign contracts for millions to perform in front of fans?

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