Monday, June 29, 2009

Welcome To Philadelphia. Why Are You Here?


By the way, you can learn more about the film here.


bethany barton said...

Hey George, hope summer is treating you well!

I really enjoyed watching this film... As someone who is not native to Philly, I can definitely attest to there being an undefinably raw appeal. I think there is something so authentically sincere about Philadelphia; The people, the places... the city is worn, its broken-in. You can walk down Broad, and feel the thousands of people who've walked there before you. It isn't perfect, but its alive, and breathing. And I am so proud to now call Philadelphia my home.

Sina said...

I CHOOSE to live and stay here because I love Philadelphia with all my heart. I was born here and I will always defend my home. This video was beautiful and the truths of Hoffmann's words were bitter sweet. People despise Philly because they just don't understand it. What they hear becomes what they see. If people just closed their eyes, they would feel what I feel, what you feel, and what everyone else who loves Philly feels; They'd feel a pride that runs deeper than its history ever could, and they'd feel the undying love that courses through our veins and pumps the heart of Philadelphia that will NEVER stop beating.

Wafai Dias said...

Honestly I'd rather live in New York but that's not happening anytime soon... after watching this amazing film I've awaken to Oh yeah that's why I like Philly... the true appreciation only grew after watching this and definitely gives me something to think about. Very original film I'm glad he won... this short film deserved to win.