Sunday, July 12, 2009

Funny Stuff. But Where Do The Journos Go From Here?

EVERYONE KEEPS TALKING about the death of print journalism but the reality is that television news isn't far behind.

The culprit? Advertising.

With so many ways for businesses to reach potential clients, no one particular media outlet can achieve ultimate supremacy and therefore charge massive amounts to run ads. There is so much competition for eyes that individual media outlets don't seem financially effective anymore.

If advertisers don't see effectiveness, they won't spend money. If they don't spend money, then media outlets can't pay for journalists - in print, on air or anywhere else.

The death of print media is a daily subject in the press. But TV is suffering too.

Advertisers no longer have to pay massive figures to get their ads in front of people. They can do it for free, like the online Alka-Seltzer campaign above.

Can news - in print, online, on air - be the vehicle for ads anymore? If not, then how do we pay for journalism?


Fatia said...

WAT ABOUT PAGANOS!!!LOL no one seems to know that is a fav cheesteak spot for philly natives!!! its on 69th and Ogontz in Mt AIRY

Wafai Dias said...

Why pay for journalism when you can get it for free? I've never paid to read news and I won't ever. It's sad that print journalism is dead, but hey at least now trees don't have to be cut and wasted anymore.