Tuesday, October 13, 2009

John Stewart: Don't Just Leave It There!

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CNN FACT-CHECKED a Saturday Night Live skit regarding President Obama's health care package. That had media folk wondering, "Why is CNN fact-checking a sketch comedy show?"

John Stewart asked about what CNN isn't fact-checking.


Anonymous said...


That seems very silly. I think WHY is a very good question. I don't watch CNN for facts about comedy show spoofs. I watch CNN for information about serious political issues. Maybe CNN is trying to appeal to a younger and and less serious audience. Maybe they thought it was a fun topic to lighten the news program, but it seems very out of place.

Don Hoegg said...

If you're looking for hardball journalism from CNN, look elsewhere. If they spent less time talking about Twitter maybe they'd get around to doing their jobs.


Christine A. Killion said...

Sad. Yeah. It's sad when the Daily Show is more reasonable then the "real" news. It's sad when you have to rely on the Daily Show, (a show that John Stewart famously points out comes after puppets making prank phone calls), to check the facts and not CNN. They're a news channel. That's their job. What are they thinking?

Dan Housch said...

The only reputable person left at CNN is Christiane Amanpour who out of a full week of programming only gets half an hour. CNN now is only known for their affection with youtube (see 2008 youtube debates), their own Ireports, and twitter. Instead of producing real journalism they're simply attempting to stay "hip" with current technology in the hopes that those who still watch CNN feel like they're contributing. Oh and Jon Stewart is awesome.

Aleks Molnar said...

CNN is one of the reasons I've given up on network news. Twitter? Youtube? REALLY?

Tell. The. News.

Trying to appeal to our generation is a failing procedure. We'll care enough to watch network news when we're middle-aged with nothing else to do, or have decided we should actually know what's going on in the world.

"You're only off by a matter of..uh...Australia." - Jon Stewart

Sarah Eve said...

SNL should do a spoof on CNN checking their facts.

Anonymous said...

You should watch FOX.

NewsNut said...

Good stuff. Well, as it should of course be given that a major news outlet like CNN would do thorough research before fact checking..it doesn't surprise me that they didn't. The confused priorities on the part of CNN is par with the past. It was more important for them to put the false information out there the it was to be right and to inform the public accurately. I have been quite disappointed in their news coverage for a long time. Kudos to John Stewart for calling them out on it.
Shara Dae Howard

Wafai.Dias said...

He is sooo true! They should take his advice. I'm so glad that he criticized them with humor... I was laughing and learning at the same time.