Thursday, October 15, 2009

Take Control of Your Life: Start Your Own Media Outlet.

JOBS IN JOURNALISM ARE difficult to come by these days. But the demand for information is probably higher now than ever. That means there are opportunities for aggressive people who recognize under-served niches.

On November 7, we're holding an entrepreneurial journalism conference where we'll talk about how you can be your own publisher, and get paid. There will be speakers from Al Dia, Philebrity, magazine, Radio One, Berks Community TV, Motivos, Philly Beer Scene magazine, and numerous other places. Plus we'll have business profs, tech people, venture capital investors, and web gurus.

You can earn 20 extra credit points by attending and writing about what you learn. To get consideration, you have to speak with two entrepreneurial people (or other non-student attendees) and write a two page, double-spaced paper about what you experienced. Be sure to include their name and contact info on the submission.


Christopher Malo said...

I will be there.
Look for the guy consuming massive quantities of coffee and trying to make complete sentences.

Sydney Taylor said...

what time does this start?

Geo said...

Around 10 am. The schedule, with speakers list, will be posted on the PhIJI website by tomorrow.

- George
(the teacher who wants you all to attend, or else)