Thursday, October 15, 2009

Next Tuesday (10/20): District Attorney Candidate Seth Williams

SETH WILLIAMS, THE Democratic candidate for District Attorney, will visit the class next week. So learn as much as you can about what he believes in, what he has done, and what the media have been saying about him. You can hear Williams speak here.

He'll likely talk about anything, but we'll focus on journalism issues. Should the media photograph and display images of suspects? Should the government and media work together to reduce crime?


C.David Freitag said...

The primary is the real election in Philadelphia. Since winning the nomination, he has been preparing as if he already has the job. My mentor had a meeting with him within weeks of the primary, showing he is willing to work with the community and it's leaders directly to find solutions on important issues such as crime and education. Despite my normal cynicism, I am looking forward to the new administration and expect real change to occur.

William Carlson said...

I did an article on an event for Writing for Journalism and interviewed Seth Williams. That is when I first met him. He is very personable and genuine. I was impressed. He is the real deal. He gave me plenty of good quotes and was willing to take the time to keep going. He's got a sense of humor, too.

Wafai.Dias said...

I think that their faces should only be published if they were going to a crime because that shows that they're obviously guilty. However, if a judged has not given them that sentence then the media should lay off. What if you we arrested for something that you didn't do... would you want your pictures everywhere?