Monday, April 11, 2011

University Newspapers Are Still Popular?

DO YOU READ the school newspaper?

According to a Washington Post story, student newspapers are still popular - 85 percent of students surveyed read the print edition of their campus paper in the past month and 72 percent had read the paper online.

The reasons why they read the papers: they are free, they are portable and they speak to the very specific community.

Why do you read (or not read) the Temple News?


Brydels said...

I personally don't really read our school's newspaper, although i probably should, but I have noticed that the Temple News never seems to be available. Every time I pass one of the many convenient locations, they seem to be out of them. Someone must be reading them.

Brynn said...

Honestly, I never do much reading beyond my assigned readings for classes. This is because so much of my time is spent reading for school that when I have some spare time, I want to partake in a more passive activity, not run down the street and pick up a copy of the Temple News and read even more. However, when I'm home over break or for the summers I frequently read my local newspaper, several magazines that my family subscribes to, and many books for pleasure. If I didn't have so much reading in my schedule here at Temple I probably would spend more of time reading the school's newspaper.

T.Richards said...

I read it because well for 1 I go here and I need to know whats going on, on this campus where I live. 2nd I feel obligated to understand and develop opinions about the news going on at my school because I pay to be here and to experience Temmple University.

Kate McCann said...

Well, I shoot for TTN so I read it every week.

But I definitely would read it regardless, just because of the scope it gives a student on their campus and community. Reading the Inquirer or The Daily News is incredibly beneficial to read, but for drastically different reasons.
Like we learned, there is the second read, where you read a local and national paper.
Well TTN is like a third read! Even more "local" than your local paper.

Plus, one point of going to college is to experience the campus and life here, not just party and go to class. So by just picking up a paper, once a week, there is a plethora of things to learn and become involved with.

Chalie Robinson said...

My one project focused on the two Temple newspapers, which made me realize that we actually have an interesting and entertaining newspaper. I did not realize this before and am regretting not picking one up from the start of my first semester. The news articles are relevant, and when I read them I feel more involved and knowledgeable about my school. It is very convenient that they are located throughout campus, readily available to read whenever. Also, they are not that very long either, which I enjoy. I can receive a whole bunch of new information without spending hours sifting through a large newspaper. I believe they are doing a great job and hope they continue with it.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I believe that these newspapers are still very relevant. Because of technology and the advancement of modern communication, it would be beneficial to go viral and maybe even have application's students can download onto their phones.

Mary Gbaya-Kanga said...

I read the school paper because I like to know what's going on near my school or places that I am frequently. I want to be cautious of my surroundings and be aware.