Sunday, April 10, 2011

Who Wants To Be a News Anchor Anymore?

OVER THE LAST few weeks, several notable network news anchors have announced that they will be stepping down in the near future. Among the big names: Katie Couric, Glenn Beck and Meredith Viera.

What's going on? The network anchor position used to be the ultimate destination for broadcast journalists. Is this a sign that network journalism is no longer relevant?

“The prestige has diminished, the money has diminished and the audience has diminished,” Mark Feldstein, a professor of broadcast journalism at George Washington University, told the online entertainment site The Wrap.

Feldstein says that the big name journalists can actually succeed without the network support - the journalists are their own brands now.

Do we need network journalism anymore?

Do you aspire to work at the network level? Why?


Laura said...

i have always wanted to do broadcast journalism. I want to work for a network and write and read the news. maybe it isnt the most prestigious job out there anymore, but it still holds a huge responsibility. The pay may not be "millions", but as long as i can do my job daily, support myself and family, im still fine with it. Regardless broadcast journalists make enough to pay their bills, so im more than happy to step in and fulfill my dreams.

Geo said...

Love the positive attitude, Laura.

- George
(the teacher who thinks that big shots exiting opens seats for rising stars)

Anonymous said...

As some who has seen first hand all of the workings that go into the newsroom as a result of my internship, I would say that the being a journalist means something totally different today compared to the past.The responsibilities involved are totally different and one must be aware of the continuous advancements in technology.